TPS Training

Customized Learning Solutions

perfcoursesTPS world learning is your one stop shop for your learning needs across all levels. The contents are accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management, UK coupled and delivered by qualified and experienced Trainers handpicked personally by the Principal Consultant. Combining the expertise of a number of global experts who have actually run business on the ground for several years, TPS is in a position to advise and implement the learning impartedWhile TPS delivers a variety of public courses, we specialize in developing customized courses to meet the exact needs of your organization. This can range from a one time course to a complete L&D solution across the organization for the whole year as a Retained L&D partner

The courses are delivered by multilingual trainers who speak English and YOUR language – be it English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, French, Spanish or Urdu.

TPS does not deliver academic courses but solutions tailored to your “pain points”.  A TPS trainer acts as a reliable facilitator to help you meet business challenges and avail opportunities ahead. We help in empowering your teams and managers with required skills and expertise and continue to work along with them for a period of three to six months to help them actually implement the learning.

The entire training material is then uploaded on this site to be available for the participants to review and serve as a constant guide for implementation. During our unique six months free follow up service after each course, participants are encouraged to interact with trainer and bring out and solve their actual field problems.