Making Maintenance Work

Course Code            : EMM02

Course Duration      : 2 Days

Course Objectives

For a smooth operation of every piece of Electrical equipment, it’s important that maintenance is not consigned to just repair when something fails. This involves not only developing planned maintenance processes for each system based on its desired function and principles of operation, but also developing a philosophy of Planning Maintenance. The objective of this course is to impart technical and planning skills to the delegates on what a planned maintenance should comprise and how best to make it work a planned plants are.

Delegate benefits

  • Understand the critical difference between Vital Few and Trivial many in identifying the importance of various equipment in the system.
  • Learn difference between Planned and Forced maintenance and importance of each.
  • Acquire skills to develop a maintenance plan based on modern methods based on equipment manufactures recommendations and international standards.
  • Learn the importance for Tools and equipment needed for Electrical Maintenance, their specifications and upkeep.
  • Know how to make maintenance budgets before these are submitted for approval and how to justify the same.

Equipment & Systems Covered

  • Transformers, Motors and Generators
  • Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, Relays, Control Panels
  • Distribution Boards, Building Management Systems
  • Cables, cable Trenches and Bus Bar allays

Subjects Covered

  • Principals of operation
  • Reliability, Criticality and Failures Analysis
  • Zero Base Budgeting, Optimized Maintenance Budgets and Control.
  • Maintenance Equipment Selection and specifications.
  • Manpower & Training, awards and retention
  • In house v/s Contracted Maintenance Strategies
  • Reporting : Maintenance Records & Review; Requirements and Methods

Meant For

  • Maintenance Managers, Officers and Engineers from:
    • Utilities, generation, transmission and distribution departments.
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Commercial Complexes & Shopping Malls.
    • Hotels, Hospitals, Residential complexes, Building Management Companies
    • Airports, Sea Ports
    • Municipalities
    • Educational Institution Buildings

Course Fees

USD 800 per delegate includes

  • Attendance for both days.
  • Day Time  F&B
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Access to future programs at 10% less for same delegate


  • Accommodation
  • Transport from and to the Training Venue
  • CEU credits which will be at USD 100 extra

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