Welcome to Dubai


Dubai is the region’s commercial and tourism centre and connected to all international markets. Dubai is also the regional trading hub and gateway to the rest of the Middle East. Dubai’s diversity means that visitors can enjoy a whole range of different experiences. From the beautiful undulating desert sands to the bustling downtown areas, from the tranquil sea and pristine beaches to parks and gardens, Dubai is a city of adventure, contrast, discovery and surprise. Dubai’s central business district is divided into two parts – Deira on the northern side and Bur Dubai to the south. Each has its share of fine mosques and busy souks, shopping malls, hotels and office towers. As the premier location for tourism and leisure in the Middle East, Dubai also has a fantastic night life encapsulating the world’s tastes when it comes to restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


The second largest of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. It has an area of some 3,900 square kilometres. Outside the city itself, the emirates is sparsely inhabited and characterised by desert vegetation.


Dubai has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Sunny, blue skies can be expected most of the year. Rainfall is infrequent and irregular, falling mainly in the winter. Temperatures range from a low of about 10.5ºC/50ºF to a high of 48ºC/118ºF. The mean daily maximum is 24ºC/75.2ºF in January rising up to 45ºC/105.8ºF in July.


Oil contributes just 20 per cent of economic production. Trading, manufacturing and services – including tourism – now dominate the economy.


The UAE is four hours ahead of GMT


Alcohol is permitted in hotel and club restaurants and bars. However, restaurants outside the hotels are not permitted to serve alcoholic beverages.

Delegates  Stay in Dubai

Based on the request in your nomination form, we will accommodate you in best possible hotel within the budget and close to program location. TPS  negotiates the best rates available in each budget range but delegates have a right to stay at any place of their choice.

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