Organizations Objective in Training

  • To improve the overall efficiency and or economy of the power systems at the organization by equipping the key operating and technical staff  with skills, knowledge and expertise in the subject area covered in the course
  • To prevent and reduce major capital investment in expensive replacements, repairs of equipment  and processes

Participants’ Learning Objective

  • Understand the technical aspects of the subject and be able to select equipment as per applicable international standards and load needs and create systems that will meet the requirements of the application.
  • Use manufacturer instruction literature and established industrial standards to perform required operation and maintenance of the equipment
  • Learn how to perform tests and the interpretation of test data as per the latest updated version of international standards, codes and practices.
  • It is a standard TPS practice that all participants are encouraged to send their exact learning needs / questions in advance. 
    A solution is developed by the faculty prior to the course and presented in the course 

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What the participants will receive

  • Attendance at all sessions including F&B for the day
  • An exact solution to their individual questions*
  • A soft copy of all presentations and material for self-study
  • A Certificate of completion (for all)
  • Score in the test conducted at the end of the course (optional on request) wherever opted.
  • See complete benefits here
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