TPS is pleased to be representing and partnering with The Saudi Electricity Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (SEEFE) organized by the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MoWE) and the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) in cooperation with AMAD Technical Consultation  and  Laboratories, in Riyadh, from 24-27 of  November , 2012.

The Saudi Electricity Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (SEEFE) is considered as one of the programs aimed to spread the recent information and knowledge   in this field , exchange experiences with concerned energy efficiency specialists, in addition to introduce the efficient electrical appliances/equipment and the best means to use and conserve energy. The exhibition seeks to provide an opportunity for all to know more about the latest technologies in this area according to international industrial standards.


Forum Topics:

  • Strategic Planning and Capacities Building for Efficient Utilization of Electricity – For More Energy Security.
  • Thermal Insulation and Its Effect in Reducing Electric Energy Consumption in Buildings
  • New and Smart Techniques of Highly Effective Air Conditioning and Lighting of Buildings
  • Success Opportunities of Investment in Energy Services Companies (ESCOs),  and Means of Supporting Them
  • Green Buildings and Sustainable Cities – for Effective Utilization of Energy, Clean Environment and Less Variable Climate
  • Renewable – Clean Energies Pilot projects, and Its Economic Effect in Sustainable Development
  • Energy Management in Industrial Firms – for More Manufacturing Efficiency
  • New Techniques of Improving Electrical System Performance in Its Three Stages (Generation, Transportation, and Distribution)
  • Smart Grid Technologies and Its Applications for More Efficient Electric System.


SEEFE will gather companies related to energy efficiency, air conditioning, new and renewable energy, testing services, thermal insulation materials, lighting and energy management in buildings. Moreover the exhibition shows the new products and technologies in the field.

We are pleased to invite you to register to attend SEEFE either by:

Event link :

Registration link is:

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