Why This Conference

  • UAE ranks 3rd biggest Energy consumer per head after Qatar and Trinidad & Tobago, where USA is 9th
  • UAE produces 22.6 tonnes of per head per year, making it the  6th highest carbon consuming country in the world.
  • UAE  uses 50 %  more energy per head than the United States
  • According to International Energy Agency, the UAE subsidizes every human being in the country by $2,500,  the 2nd highest subsidy in the world after Kuwait.
  • UAE consumes 15% more electricity than it produces using Gas.
  • The world is moving towards some sort of carbon levy and away from subsidies, especially if Kyoto protocol is agreed, we need to start finding smart ways of using lesser energy
  • 66% Energy produced is used in the Residential and Commercial Establishments alone
  • Gulf region alone will require 100GW of additional power by 2020 to meet increased demand of 7.7%/ yr
  • Reduction in energy consumption means saving power which would cost billions of dollars
Energy Used or Subsidized is not our number one concern, ….ENERGY WASTED is !

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