In keeping with our tradition of the high quality content, tailored to regional needs, the speakers will, once again, be the crème de la crème in the field.
Speakers are handpicked by the Conference Director, based on his over 25 years experience and a network of over 1200 highly competent professionals around the world.
AT TPS we firmly believe that the delegate must receive a 100% neutral and pitch free knowledge and thus a majority of speakers come from Advisory, Non profit, Govt. or Institutional background besides industry champions
Final Choice is made in consultation with Institutional partners

Speaker Guidelines

  • All content presented shall be screened and approve by applicable advisory committee which comprises non partisan organizations and Institutional partners
  • A powerful presentation is the one that’s well prepared. The conference director with decades of experience will assist you in making yours the best presentation.
  • Presentations will be uploaded on the site after the event for use by delegates
  • All speakers give an automatic right to the organizers to disseminate the content freely to public in an appropriate mode
  • TPS events do not permit any brand or product promotion in the slides presentation
  • Logo of the organization is permitted in the slides ONLY if the speaker is from a Govt. organization / not for profit / academic institution.

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