The advisory crew for each assignment is chosen from our list of internationally experienced experts who are exclusively available in the GCC through TPS only.
Each of these experts has a proven track record of no less than 10 years in the subject of the assignment and each of them has worked in at least three countries.
The advisers have original contributions in the subject area and are well conversant with latest version of international standards and best practices in the field.
None of the advisers represent any equipment supplier or manufacturer and each of them is independent third party.
For each assignment the adviser is allocated based on his expertise and the availability. This choice can  be made in consultation with the client organization.

Should you like to be em-paneled with TPS, please click here or send an e mail to


Global IT and e-Learning Partner

As our “Global IT and eLearning” alliance-partner, Knowledge Partner Professionals (KPPro), is an Australian based IT solutions provider, with deliverables across multiple platforms, with backend development eco-system based in India.

KPPro provides the crucial Industry specific services and solutions like mobile and automated solutions, reporting analytics, educational eLearning suites and product development packages.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahiaaaajgyyndgzy2jmltk0nmqtngrhyi04oge2lwq0zdcxnmy4zdvjoqIn his current role as founder of Brisbane based “Knowledge Partner Professionals”, Ash Raina combines his entrepreneurial abilities with his kind nature to positively impact the lives of as many people as he can touch.

A professional journey spanning over eighteen years has seen him instrumental in the establishment of several businesses implementing their sales and business strategies. Ash can call upon a vast international network of business associates, having successfully built key partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Europe and US. His business acumen spreads across several diverse sectors covering such verticals as Education and Training, Media Entertainment, ISVs and Utilities, among others.

To carry such an array of international contacts and business experience affords Ash the opportunity to utilise his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science – a qualification gained at the prestigious Pune University in India. His ability to work within (& respect) diverse cultures has seen him successfully manage several regions globally.

“Spread passion with respect & compassion” is the philosophy which Ash Raina believes in!

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