Why Energy Saving will no longer be a CSR?


Dear Professional
Here are some hard observations:

  • An average person in UAE consumes 40% more electricity than Singapore, 84% more than European Union and 4 to 5 times more than MENA and World average.
  • An average person in the UAE contributes to highest CO2 in the world, 30% more than an average person in the USA, 3 to 4 times that of a person in the EU, in Singapore or in the MENA region.  The average world citizen contributes just 20% of an average soul in the UAE.
  • The per capita energy consumption in the UAE is higher than anywhere in the world.

These observations are based on published data by World Bank for the year 2009

Should this bother us?
Whether at an individual or corporate level, when the Energy is fairly subsidized in the country? According to International Energy Agency, the UAE subsidizes every human being in the country by $2,500, the 2nd highest subsidy in the world after Kuwait.

Yes, for two reasons:

  1. Already with the subsidy, the electricity bills are one of the single largest expenses in majority of house and commercial establishments. A research by TPS Management consultants to be released soon, could depict the exact position from amongst 500 large users.
  2. The subsidies will not last long. And even if they do, whether under the high cost of subsidy or international pressure to reduce the Carbon footprint, one thing that is sure is that the Energy rates will not come down. Speaking at World Energy conference in Abu Dhabi, the French president said “If we don’t act, if we don’t do anything, if we don’t invest anything, we can be sure that we will have a catastrophe very soon.

That’s when the Energy Saving will no longer be just a CSR; it will be a business compulsion!

Would you like to learn more ? about how urgent is the need for Energy management at your premises or that of your customers, you could take the first step.

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You could also ask for a copy of the five cases studies Energy Savers in the UAE

The real step, of course would be to avail an opportunity to directly learn how you can save Energy Bills at your premises from some of the top experts with real life case studies, government policies and international practices

I look forward to hearing from you on how we can help you reduce your bills and improve the environment, together!

Ravinder Bhan
Principal Consultant | TPS Management Consultants | 225, Business Village-B | PO Box 14033 |Dubai – UAE.
M : + 971 50 5578626 E : ravinder.bhan@tpsworld.com
W : www.tpsworld.com
Skype : tpsdubai

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