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Business Solutions in a Post Covid Era

TPS is pleased to initiate a project of supporting individuals and enterprises that have been impacted by Covid 19 Pandemic and would like to start a fresh. Please click here to view complete details of this initiative and how you many benefit from it

The Powerful Solutions (TPS) is a professional advisory, exclusively to aid organizations in meeting challenges and opportunities. Led by senior professionals, TPS offers a range of advisory and consulting services to suit the present and long term business objectives. Sharply focused on our clients, TPS is in a position to not only advise but, also implement The Powerful Solutions.

TPS is a team of global experts who have actually run business on the ground for no less than 20 years each. That’s why whether its a manufacturer, end user, service provider in govt or in private sector, TPS is a one-stop shop for 100% neutral and pitch free solutions.

We reach out to 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa and India. TPS is associated with leading training and knowledge organizations around the world. For a full view of our training services please click here

We choose our consultants from among the very best experts who have a proven track record of having delivered excellent results and have been consistently rated  ‘excellent’ in delivery and content.

Range of Services
The Industry today is faced with exposure to both external as well as internal threats, thus making it imperative to identify their specific advantages in order to achieve a superlative business performance.
TPS Consulting service is an integrated solution taking a 360° view of your organization in Marketing, Purchase, Design, Production or Finance in order to achieve a marked improvement in efficiency of operations.
Owing to our decades of experience in the industry, 9 out of the ten times,  most of your concerns, problems or road blocks would have been experienced by us at some stage or the other. This making it possible for us to give you a neutral feedback on what can work and what simply won’t work. No disclaimers and no tall promises!  We will provide a data based insight on various alternatives that will help you develop and sustain a competitive edge in the market.
TPS approach is simple, we work with people at all levels of your management and owing to our industry experience, we are able to understand the problems and hurdles faced by them. And as an independent advisory, we can help you forecast and foretell what your company could look like tomorrow.
While we can provide various alternatives, we will be available to even implement the one you choose.

We are based in Mumbai India but will be able to service your needs anywhere in the world with our associates office.

We welcome you to challenge us with an opportunity to contribute value to your own specific needs and will be happy to have you meet our clients and evaluate us for the content and delivery process.

Request a meeting!

In order to understand how you can benefit from our services, please feel free to request a meeting with our Principal Consultant, Ravinder Bhan, to visit your location, understand your challenges and vision and offer a solution.

To schedule a meeting please click here and based on Ravinder’s schedules we will confirm the same

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