About Us

The Powerful Solutions (TPS) is a professional advisory, exclusively to aid organizations in meeting challenges and opportunities. Led by senior professionals, TPS offers a range of advisory, training and consulting services to suit the present and long term business objectives. Sharply focused on our clients, TPS is in a position to not only advise but, also implement The Powerful Solutions.

TPS is a team of global experts who have actually run business on the ground for no less than 20 years each. That’s why whether its a manufacturer, end user, service provider in  govt or in private sector, TPS is a one-stop shop for 100% neutral and pitch free solutions.

With offices in UAE, and India and in-house international class conference and training facilities, we reach out to 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa and India. TPS is associated with leading training and knowledge organizations around the world.

We choose our trainers from among the very best experts who have a proven track record of having delivered excellent training courses and have been consistently rated  ‘excellent’ in delivery and content.

We choose our training locations from the very best hotels and conference facilities  in the city where we have courses. This is besides the world class facilities at the Business Village complex in Dubai. Our venues have been consistently rated  ‘excellent’ by the participants

We invite you to give us an opportunity to explain the contribution we can make for your own specific training needs and will be happy o have you attend and evaluate any of courses even without a prior information to make your own evaluation of the quality of training content and delivery process.

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